Lady Victoria themes

Finally got around to trying the Lady Knight’s generator! Prompt was polearm, plump, vain, and bear.

Day 1 - One of your dreamies

Starting the AC drawing challenge!

I love Drago so much, but I still haven’t got him in my town! (#`д´)ノ


dont even look at mE DONT EVEN LOOK AT ME

More Ace doodles! His voice sounds like it was made for summoning Satan, so he doesn’t like talking much.

Also kids like to flock to him and use him as a walking playground for some reason. The local kids call him “the guy who fights the boogeymen.”

This is Ace, he fights monsters for a living but he’s scared of social situations, and he has a pet stoat named Pip. Had so much hype for him that he went from concept to ref in under a day.

Some beach babes from twitter. Dora isn’t really confident in her body, but Mack swears that she’s rockin’.

Some early concepts of other Sole characters!


Ollie’s had it rough


In the time I was active in godmode I was usually torturing Amber with my grand jerkface Autumn. Who’s that in the back, I wonder?